Created by CostumeloverEdit


Eugenia, 5 y.o.

This costume was modeled after Cinnamon, the main character of The Gypsy Princess by Phoebe Gilman.

We used a nice white shirt with wide sleeves and some embroidery on the chest, a long wide skirt (from Eugenia's older sister), a black vest, again with some nice embroidery, and a floral kerchief. Lots of bracelets, beads and a tambourine with ribbons.

Created by Milena ShinkovskayaEdit


Marisha, 5 y.o.

Created by EnotaEdit


Created by NeoirinaEdit


Created by Anna MuromcevaEdit


Muromceva Dasha, 3.5 y.o.

Created by ЯсяEdit


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